Development Manager’s Update – November 2022

Welcome to the  November 2022 update!

SIGV Release 5

After continued back and forth with Council to resolve the outstanding environmental issues holding up the Subdivision Works Ceritifcate it is very disappointing not to be able to report that the SWC has been received. A meeting was held to discuss the issues and negotiate outcomes and we are hopeful the next iteration of the Biodiversity Management Plan is accepted.   We continue push hard see construction commence on site.

In parallel, we are close to completing the subdivision construction tender process and selecting a civil contractor.  The golf course augmentation of holes 7-9 is also underway to shape the golf course to suit the masterplan.

Precinct: Jacob's Range
Stage: Release 5
Expected Registration: October 2023

Development Approval (DA)
Subdivision Work Certificate (SWC)
Construction at 25%
Construction at 50%
Construction at 75%
Practical Completion
Subdivision Certificate (SC)

SIGV Release 5

We look forward to providing you with another update next month. See you then!