Complimentary Golf Membership


All purchasers at Sussex Inlet Golf Village receive a complimentary Gold Level Golf Membership Package at Sussex Inlet Golf Club.

Just one of the many benefits of calling SIGV home, this flexible membership can be used in a number of ways.

You can elect to start your membership now and enjoy the benefits of it before you move into your new home, or you may elect for your membership to commence once you have built and moved in. You also have the flexibility of choosing 1 x 24 Month Gold Level Membership or splitting the membership into 2 x individual 12 Month Gold Level Memberships. The choice is yours!

Becoming a member of the Sussex Inlet Golf Club is a great way to mix with the locals and create some new friendships. Regular men's and ladies' competitions take place with plenty of opportunities to socialise at the clubhouse after a round on this classic Australian course.

If you have purchased a lot at Sussex Inlet Golf Village and would like to apply for a complimentary Gold Level Golf Membership Package at Sussex Inlet Golf Club please download and complete the application form and email the completed application form to us at

Download the application form here.


Terms and Conditions

  1. Purchasers will have access to the Golf Membership Package once an Exchange has occurred on their selected home site.
  2. Memberships at Sussex Inlet Golf Club commence on 1st August each year.
  3. Purchasers can elect to commence their membership from this date at any time, either before or after moving in.
  4. Purchasers must notify the Sales Agent in writing as to their chosen package, being either: 1 x individual 24 month Gold Level Membership. Full name to be provided, or 2 x individual 12 month Gold Level Memberships. Both full names to be provided. Memberships are not transferable or refundable.