Architectural Design Guidelines

At Sussex Inlet Golf Village, design features of residences have been carefully considered.


To ensure Sussex Inlet Golf Village is a high quality, desirable and sustainable community these Design Guidelines have been carefully prepared to assist the design of your home and landscaping. A Design Review Panel has been appointed to assess each new home design before seeking Council or Complying Development Approval.


Download a copy of the Design Guidelines here.


Building company or Architect prepares house design for each block using the Design Guidelines.

Send your completed documents to the Design Review Panel. 

The Design Review Panel will assess your design(s).

The Design Review Panel will either:
a) request further information from you if there is insufficient information for the Design Review Panel to assess the design.
b) suggest modifications in order to meet the Design Guidelines. We may suggest areas of your design that should be reviewed in order to meet the Design Guidelines. You will be asked to re-submit your design after you have revised it (go back to Step 2).
c) if the Design Review Panel find there are areas that need further review, or you are proposing something unusual that we need to discuss further we may invite you to a workshop with the Design Review Panel.
d) approve your design. You will be given a certificate of approval from the Design Review Panel, and stamped approved drawings.

Submit your house design to Shoalhaven City Council (SCC) for Development Approval and Construction Certificate Approval or Principal Certifying Authority for Complying Development Certificate.



$5,000 Streetscape Rebate

To ensure that the future streetscape of Sussex Inlet Golf Village is maintained at the highest quality for the benefit of all residents, Sheargold and Lucas Property Group has implemented a Streetscape Incentive Plan. The plan aims to encourage:
• Quality and sustainable house design
• Early establishment and maintenance of landscaping, and
• Care is taken of the newly finished streets as well as kerb and gutters.
Residents who are eligible will be able to claim Streetscape Incentive payments to a total of: $5,000