Design Tips

We know you are in the process of fine-tuning your new home designs, so we have prepared a list of valuable tips about the Design Review Process to save you some time when lodging your plans for approval. 

Make sure you are using the latest version of the Design Guidelines

Always refer to the latest version of the Design Guidelines to keep updated. You can always download the latest version on our website.

One of the Colorbond roofing colours has been discontinued, so the Roofing Palette has been updated.

The height of boundary fencing has been increased from 1.6m to 1.8m.

The maximum driveway widths at the front boundary crossing is now between 3-5m depending on the frontage of your lot.

Check your eaves to help with thermal comfort

The eaves of your home should be at least 450mm deep – this will help keep your house cool in summer. Please ensure your designer or builder shows the eaves’ depth on both your floorplan and each elevation.

Make your letterbox stand out

Letterboxes have proved a little tricky as they are covered in two sections of the Guidelines. The structure that your letterbox sits in should be at least 450mm wide (see Letterbox section) but not more than 500mm wide (see Front Fences section). This not only helps create an interesting and high-quality streetscape it also gives another opportunity to incorporate your house number for ease of visitors finding your new home. [MS1]

Don’t spoil that golf course view

For Golf Course frontage lots in order to preserve your view of the Golf Course and to ensure a consistent, top-notch appearance there are some Guidelines that apply only to Golf Course lots.

If you own a Golf Course lot, your side fence will need to transition from 1.8m to 1.2m at your rear boundary. We will be constructing the rear fences of all Golf Course frontage lots to help get you started.

We love a good shed

If you plan to build a garden shed, make sure that your plans show that your shed complies with the Design Guidelines, and on gold course frontage lots consider ways to screen the shed from view either through a carefully selected location or by utilising landscaping.

The Devil's in the Detail

The Design Review Panel will check that your home, fence, driveway and landscaping comply with the Design Guidelines. If your plans show that each element complies with the Guidelines – by including measurements or details of colours and materials – that will mean the Panel can review (and approve) your plans quickly and without having to ask for any further information.

We know that there is a lot of information to take in when designing your home, and we hope these tips help you keep - “your life on course!”