High Speed Internet Ready

All home sites at Sussex Inlet Golf Village come equipped with infrastructure to High Speed Broadband Internet, provided by Opticomm.

During construction we will be providing the critical underground pit and pipe infrastructure that will allow the cabling to be installed, allowing every resident access to connect to the high speed network.

This high speed network is made up of an optical fiber cable that will enable affordable, high speed internet and phone access to residents. The many benefits of a fast broadband include a work life balance, allowing residents the choice to work from home, to connect to those who matter and to provide access to streaming of various forms of entertainment.


Opticomm is a wholesaler much like the NBN, however it provides purchasers with a number of additional benefits:

  • Choose from over 25 Internet Service Providers to find the best plan at a competitive price
  • Only 1 connection to the household for all services (free to air tv, phone, broadband) means no need for additional lines and antennas or satellites if you choose to have Foxtel.
  • Carriage of the fastest residential broadband plan in Australia
  • Capability of wi-fi in public shared spaces, and much more.