Development Manager’s Update – July 2022

Welcome to the July 2022 update!

Sales and Information Centre and Display Village 

Hotondo is continuing construction of our Sales and Information Centre.  Despite the weather being against us, our team is working diligently when weather permits and aiming to complete construction in November 2022, with landscaping and fitout works to follow.  We are excited to open our Sales and Information Centre - it is innovative and designed to connect with the local environment and be the stepping stone to your new home at SIGV. 

SIGV Release 5

The subdivision works certificate application has been assessed by the Council and Council has provided comments to our consultants. These comments have been addressed and updated plans have now been submitted back to Council.  The comments were fairly minor, so we anticipate a quick turnaround on the certificate, barring any other further comments.  

In the meantime, we have provided the construction documents to our preferred contractor for pricing.  We expect to have a price, scope and program next month.  

Precinct: Jacob's Range
Stage: Release 5
Expected Registration: March 2023

Development Approval (DA)
Subdivision Work Certificate (SWC)
Construction at 25%
Construction at 50%
Construction at 75%
Practical Completion
Subdivision Certificate (SC)

SIGV Release 5

We are working together with Shoalhaven Fire Brigades, Shoalhaven City Council, and SES Shoalhaven to  prevent any delay in opening the temporary Flood Free Access Road within Sussex Inlet Golf Village.  Once the Flood Free Access Road is open it will be a great help to the residents of Badgee, as it will allow safe free access to and from Badgee in times of flooding and fire.  

There is plenty to look forward to so keep an eye out for our next update.