Development Manager’s Update – February 2023

Welcome to the  February 2023 update!

SIGV Release 5

After receiving the Subdivision Works Certificate in late January we have been working with our civil works contractor, Glennos, to finalise the construction program.  Unfortunately, it is clear from the construction program that we cannot expect registration until approximately April 2024.  We appreciate that that is a fairly substantial delay on our initial timeframe but given the unforeseen hurdles encountered in obtaining the Subdivision Works Certificate that delay is not something that we could have avoided.


On that note, we are very excited to let you know that construction has officially started!!!.  The first step in construction is the installation of green and golden bell frog (GGBF) protection fencing.  There is a GGBF colony in the sewerage treatment plant in Thompson Street that is known to disperse throughout the surrounding area.  The aim of the protection fencing is to keep the GGBF out of the development footprint during construction so as to minimise any harm to the GGBF.  After the protection fencing is complete, the temporary site fencing will be erected and clearing is scheduled to start in early March.  


Most of February has been spent preparing for construction with meetings with the Sussex Inlet Golf CLub, contractors, consultants and the Council.  In addition, we have prepared several Work Health and Safety, project checklists and construction management documents view a view to ensuring the construction runs smoothly.


“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

Alexander Graham Bell

Precinct: Jacob's Range
Stage: Release 5
Expected Registration: April 2024

Development Approval (DA)
Subdivision Work Certificate (SWC)
Construction at 25%
Construction at 50%
Construction at 75%
Practical Completion
Subdivision Certificate (SC)

SIGV Release 5

We look forward to providing you with another update next month. See you then!