Development Manager’s Update – August 2023

Welcome to August 2023 update! 

SIGV Release 5

The continued abundance of sunshine meant the delivery team was able to continue the good progress this month. With clearing completed and topsoil stripped, the delivery team has spent the last couple of weeks ensuring working on the sewer reticulation (which is now almost complete), the bulk earthworks and pavement boxing.  The team will now focus on the building the stormwater network.  

We are also edging closer to starting the much-anticipated golf course works.  Once the contract is awarded, we will move into the delivery stage of bringing this crucial element of the development to life!

Precinct: Jacob's Range
Stage: Release 5
Expected Registration: Q2 2024

Development Approval (DA)
Subdivision Work Certificate (SWC)
Construction at 25%
Construction at 50%
Construction at 75%
Practical Completion
Subdivision Certificate (SC)

We look forward to providing you with another update next month. See you then!