Walks to enjoy this Spring

Springtime has come, and with it, ideal weather to enjoy the beautiful Sussex Inlet environment. 

Whether you are looking for a short walk or a complete day of hiking, there is a Sussex Inlet walk to suit.  Here are some of the most popular walks around the area. 


1.  Cudmirrah to Swanhaven  

Approx. Length: 5.1km  

Est. 1hr 5min 

You will start at Errol Bond Reserve in Cudmirrah and walk alongside Spring Road before veering towards the shoreline, then heading on towards Swanhaven. 


Check out the route here:  



2. John Clarke Bruce Memorial Cycleway 

Approx. Length: 3.7km  

Est. 43min 

This walk is a fairly easy one that takes about 45 mins to complete and is dog–friendly.  It is a good choice for hiking, running and walking. Beautiful to visit anytime during the year!  


Check out the route here:  



3. Sussex Inlet to Lake Conjola 

Approx. Length: 17.7km  

Est. 3hrs 48min 

This walk is moderately challenging! You will walk from Sussex Inlet to Lake Conjola, enjoying beautiful views on the way.  This walk is not a short stroll and will take you about 4 hours to complete. 


Check out the route here:  



4. Sussex Inlet Paddling Loop 

Approx. 7.7km 

Est.  2hrs 5min 

Last but not least, this loop is ideal if you enjoy bird watching and paddle sports.  You will walk around the waterways that surround Sussex Inlet and have a chance to spot native birdlife in the area.  Unfortunately, you cannot take your dog with you on this one. 


Check out the route here: