First Streetscape Incentive Instalment paid!

The Streetscape Incentive Plan is an integral part of our Design Guidelines and ensures all residents of SIGV enjoy the quality communities and picturesque streets for which Sheargold and Lucas Property are known.  Under the Streetscape Incentive Plan, where a household designs, builds, landscapes and maintains their home at Sussex Inlet Golf Village in line with the Design Guidelines, they will be entitled to a streetscape payment of $5,000.00.  The first payment under the Streetscape Incentive Plan marks an important milestone at Sussex Inlet Golf Village as it indicates that families are moving into their new homes and the streetscape is starting to take shape!  We look forward to making more payments under the Streetscape Incentive Plan as the Sussex Inlet Golf Village community grows. 

The Streetscape Incentive Plan is set out in full on page 17 of the Design Guidelines (a copy of which can be downloaded here).  The Streetscape Incentive Payment is paid to eligible households in two instalments – the first within 5 weeks of the date that an Occupation Certificate is first issued in respect of the home and the second 6 months later.  Applications for the Streetscape Incentive Payment can be made via our website). 

If you have any questions at all about the Streetscape Incentive Plan or the Design Guidelines, please get in touch with use by email or by phone 1800 SUSSEX. 

We are looking forward to a steady stream of applications!