Errant Golf Ball Policy

As part of the Sussex Inlet Golf Village masterplan, we are implementing a number of changes to ensure that the Sussex Inlet Golf Course is a safe (and enjoyable) golf course.  

The Masterplan provides for the Sussex Inlet Golf Course to undergo a multistage redevelopment to achieve a higher standard of safety. Some of the measures to be adopted include adjusting hole lengths, widening fairways, relocating greens away from dwellings, realigning tees, adding hazards (such as bunkers or water features), and planting trees to help screen errant balls. These changes form a crucial component of the development to ensure both golfers and residents have peace of mind.  

In the meantime, it has become apparent that there is a risk of damages associated with errant golf balls. As a result, we have put in place a policy designed to provide transparency and clarity for purchasers and residents. We ask that you read the policy and contact our development team for any further clarification. Both the policy and a claim form are available on our website (link below). 

Click here to read the Errant Golf Ball Policy 

Of course, despite the adjustments underway and planned for the Sussex Inlet Golf Course, it is impossible to eliminate the risk associated with living on any golf course!