Development Update - Q2 2020

Welcome to the latest development update for Sussex Inlet Golf Village!

Despite Covid 19, construction has continued to progress well with completion expected in early 2021. Our construction team continues to adhere to social distancing requirements as health and well-being are the top priorities in this trying time.

Virtually all clearing works have been completed and bulk earthworks nearing the same status. The next few months will see considerable work done on the roundabout and entrance area adjacent to Golfcourse Way. A significant amount of utility and drainage infrastructure has also been installed. Once these aspects are complete we'll see the roadworks commence in earnest. Based on the progress to date we are just about past the halfway mark! We look forward to practical completion in a few months.

In other news, the Sussex Inlet Golf Club has now re-opened following a brief closure due to government restrictions. The course looks immaculate so feel free to come down for a round if you live in the area.

That’s all for now but be sure the keep an eye out of the next edition as construction ramps up at SIGV!



Sewer Pump Station Progress (below)