Complimentary Golf Membership Now Available

We are pleased to announce that current and future purchasers at SIGV now have access to the complimentary Golf Membership Package! This flexible package can be used in various ways. You can choose to start enjoying the course now or wait until you have moved into your new home. Just another of the many benefits of calling SIGV home. Visit our Membership page HERE to learn more.

Over the last few months, demand for home sites in SIGV has been rapidly increasing as we opened all Releases available to purchase to meet the increased levels of interest. There are now only a handful of opportunities left across all 4 Releases as we eagerly await more home sites being made available in the coming months.

Due to this increasing level of demand, we will be soon establishing a reservation system for the next series of upcoming releases. By placing a small, refundable holding deposit, you can secure your seat to select from the home sites when they become available, giving you peace of mind that you will not miss out. More information will be shared soon only to those who have registered their interest on our database.

With registration of this first phase of the development expected in the coming months, it will be an exciting time to see the first ever homes starting construction in SIGV and people enjoying their new life in the SIGV community.

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