Streetscape Incentive Plan - 2nd Instalment

Maintenance - $2,000

To successfully claim the second instalment of the streetscape incentive you must:

  1. have successfully claimed the first instalment of the streetscape incentive;
  2. maintain the landscape works in good order and condition for a period of six months; and
  3. complet the application form and submit to the Sales and Information Centre within four weeks of the six month period for payment of the second part of the landscape incentive.

A member of our sales team may conduct an inspection of your lot or to request further information to verify the application.  Assuming all requirements are met to our satisfaction, the instalment will be paid the following week.

General Information

Statements of Eligibility

Account Details for EFT Payment

Please send a copy of your Occupation Certificate and photos of each of the areas listed below to

Road Verge (showing footpath, street tree and kerb)
Front Yard (showing front tree, letterbox and garden bed)
Driveway (showing driveway colour and width of driveway between garage and front boundary)
Front of Home (showing front facade, porch and front door)
Rear Yard (showing rear tree and turf)
Left Side of Home
Right Side of Home

Sheargold will endeavour to respond within 7 days of the application being made.